The Goldie Boy Story

Simon 'Simmo' O'Keefe has been cooking and refining his cult burgers around town at various private gigs and pop ups for over 10 years now, but until now the only way to get your hands on them was basically if you were a mate or lucky enough to stumble across them.  

Inspired after a trip to the US back in the day, he uses world famous Martin's potato buns, a signature (And secret ratio blend of chuck and brisket) patty conjured up in conjunction with the meat wizards at Peter Bouchier, high melt American cheese, a house-made adobo kewpie special sauce with a recipe so secret he protects it like it's one of his children. 

Goldieboy is currently available as a DIY KIT delivered direct to your door, or hot off the grill at our weekly pop up at Two Wrongs - Every Saturday from 12pm - SOLD OUT during lockdown. 

These burgers are exceptional. Do not miss out.